What Is The Violet Fields, Audrey?

The Violet Fields is a newsletter where I document the music-making process in journal form, sometimes with audio and video and photographic elements. I am knee deep in finding a new sound, new inner spaces, and knitting them together with what I have always loved about creating, and that includes long-form writing, poetry, and journaling. And, plausibly, memes.

This newsletter and podcast are free. If you desire, for $7 a month, you can also receive access to viewing 2 private videos every month where I do guided meditations, sing songs, try out new material, etc. — I am really excited about these bits because I have been dying to start sharing new things and conversations with you. You can sign up anytime and I’d really love to have you.

The first music video will be free for anyone to view so that you can see for yourself what $7 a month would bring. :)



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I write memoir-style about consciousness and creativity. I'm a little funny sometimes, but not always. I am also documenting my music making process here as relevant.


Audrey Assad

You can also find me at @levvmusic or @overstorymusic. She/her. Links: https://t.co/k7otIytXKM